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Sanctuary Cove - History - Bridgton, Maine

Sanctuary Cove has been in operation as a summer camp for almost 90 years. It all began in November 1912 when Lotta I. Pike, who was married to a local judge, began to purchase parcels of land. By September 1920, she had assembled six properties that served as Pioneer Camp. Local historical accounts state that Mrs. Pike started Pioneer Camp in 1914 "to cater to family groups" and she used a local farm as a guest lodge. Mrs. Pike may have modeled Pioneer Camp after the increasingly popular adult camps, rather than the children's camps we think of today. The essence of these camps was eloquently captured in this description from "Maine: Resources, Attractions & Its People: A History," edited by Harrie B. Coe and published in 1928:

Community Camp, "Where You Rough it in Comfort" .... The buildings are log cabins because it is least expensive to build them of the spruce trees which grow in the forest. .... There are good-sized windows with muslin curtains and window shades, and there are screen doors as in a city home. The floors are of matched hardwood or spruce, tight and smooth with old-fashioned braided rugs or other covering of the nature. The beds are usually iron white metal, with National springs, first-class mattresses and clean-smelling, sweet blankets, sheets with pillow slips, and good feather pillows, such as you would have in your own home. A fireplace built of field stone with attractive andirons and a fire screen is in many camps, and the furnishings are of comfortable easy chairs, porch rockers, etc. With dressers and tables, and each camp usually has a good size closet. (Continued)